Friday, October 02, 2015

The Modern Man Needs That Gun to Shoot Himself.

So, the New York Times has this:

Twenty seven ways to be a modern man.  Apparently you sleep on the side of the bed closest to the door to fight an intruder but you don't own a gun to shoot the intruder.  You buy shoes for your wife.  Let me buy shoes..for your wife.

There are no circumstances where a man buys shoes for his wife and she says--they're perfect hon, and means it.  Cole Porter could not buy the right shoes for his wife.  Modern man is not going to be able to do it.

A melon baller is not manly.  Nor is anything on this list.  Why would anyone but pajama boy want to be this guy? 

If the average NYT reader actually likes this list the paper is now beyond parody.

If I were this guy I would cry a lot.  In public.  And not just when John Wayne dies.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

We're Soldiers and We're O.K!

Often on this site I'm accused of over reaction, exaggeration or slippery slope arguments that are in no way possible. Until they occur at which point the line is, "Well, of course, this is wonderful or no big deal, serves you right." Well, I was against VMI and the Citadel being forced to accept female cadets, against the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell and against women in combat, and generally against the multi-culti infection of our colleges being imported into the armed forces. In fact, I was just chastized for giving an "amen" to those in gaming who opposed the PC'ing of computer games.

 Nonetheless, in my wildedst, most apocalyptic dreams I never contemplated that this could occur or be a thing. I would think allowing female ROTC cadets to carry weapons would do more to fight rape than this nonsense but I'm flabbergasted the army did not revolt. Monty Python did not even have a "soldier" verse in the lumberjack song.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Tracing a Crime to its Source.

No doubt that is what the guards at Heathrow were up to. As one who is in the air quite a bit I've witnessed things I can't believe quite a bit. Assuming Ayssa Milano is the milk bomber has to be high up there though. I guess they showed her whose the boss of the breast pump.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I Only Used It for Medicinal Purposes

I had an obituary for the recently-deceased Leonard Nimoy in the works, but time and a lack of writing skill have rendered it unworthy of posting. Meanwhile, our own CRH introduced his own tribute at a recent social gathering, the profound wisdom of which (the tribute, not necessarily the social gathering) we will not debate at these proceedings.

Behold the limited edition Romulan Ale:

There were six phrases/sayings at the bottom of each label in the six-pack (though to be fair, CRH, knowing his audience, brought two of them):
  • Wanting a beer is not so pleasing a thing as having a beer
  • Drinking this beer is your first, best destiny. Anything else is a waste of material
  • Sauce for the goose
  • I have been and always shall be your ale
  • The needs of the thirsty outweigh the needs of the few, or the one
  • Live long and prosper
Although they are all wonderful, the first two on the list are in a dead heat in my mind, regardless of what the second one implies about the drinker in question.

We are eagerly looking forward to the next shipment across the Neutral Zone.

Friday, March 13, 2015

A Note from the Absentee Landlord, or It's All about Ethics in Blog Administration

Wow, it's been a while, huh?

I commented on this latest contribution but my phone ate it. Upon further reflection I decided that a front-page response would be more appropriate given the subject matter at hand and my thoughts thereon.

As you have seen, I run a fairly loose ship around here and allow a fair amount of content with which I do not agree to varying degrees. In fact, I have only spiked one post in the history of the blog based on editorial stance.

The post in question was almost number two. OK, OK, it is complete number two but you know what I mean.

Mr. V's use of quotation marks and the French language are a clear intent to trivialize the events and situations commonly known as Gamergate. These events and situations included threats of rape and death, as well as the target thereof feeling unsafe in her own home. Go ahead, re-read that sentence. To dismiss this as a contretemps is shockingly and disturbingly callous.

On the subject of cons, I have been to exactly one, over thirty years ago, and so cannot speak with any personal authority on the subject. However, from reading the work of Messrs. Wheaton and Scalzi, the trend among major cons and similar gatherings seems to be toward inclusivity, that bane of conservatives who wonder why special privileges and experiences cannot remain confined to persons such as, well, what a coincidence, themselves. I for one welcome our new inclusive overlords. Meanwhile, if you want to ogle girls, go to Hooters or a strip joint.

One is free to decry this trend and rail against it until the imagined shadows fall or the Hapsburgs return or whenever. My only advice comes from one of JJV's personal heroes:

Get over it.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

First They Came for The Booth Babes, and I Said Nothing As I Was Not A Booth Babe..

Booth Baby Booth Baby Down at the Con I have been to few conventions, either gamers or otherwise. Nonetheless, as any review of Super Bowl ads can attest pretty girls move product more than your basic Soviet "svimvear" spokesmodel. (for those of you too young to remember here is the classic Wendy's commercial on the subject. Now of course as the recent "Gamergate" contretempts have reminded us the New Left will let women be anything they want to be except alluring. That is right out. This effort to make gaming conventions feminist friendly is like making Arby's vegetarian friendly. It is not driven by demand but by ideology. I have a feeling that America is still free enough that this effort will not go far. If there are two conventions--on with booth babes--and one with out the one with is going to draw people and the one with out will draw people who don't play a lot of games. Because games are fun and these complainers are not. I met Issac Asimov when I was a teenager. I can assure you that science fiction conventions with booth babes were more likely to have him attend than not. More science fiction writers (particularly good ones) are like him than Margaret Atwood. Therefore, while I enjoyed the article I do not truly fear the attempt, as it will find fallow ground. Update: as per usual none of my links took. Here they are again

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Spock Must Die!

The title of this post is drawn by a Star Trek novel by the great James Blish I read when I was young. The thought was prompted by yesterday's death of Leonard Nimoy, who lamentably can not be brought back by the Genesis project and implanted memories (katra) (DeForest Kelly having predeceased him such memories are lost anyway). When I was a boy no more than 4, my father and I watched the original series which, if I'm correct, was delayed a year to be shown in Germany or on the American army bases there. Later in America, who ever got to the T.V. first (we had only one), me or my sisters got to pick whether to watch Star Trek (Channel 11) or the Brady Bunch(Channel 5). Because of this I grew to hate the story of a man named Brady. Now I watch Star Trek (or TOS to geeks) on Netflix with my boys. Scotty and Bones are gone, and now Spock played by Nimoy, who always seemed like the most serious of the Star Trek actors. He did narrate "In Search Of.." which cashed in on the ancient astronauts built the pyramids and Big Foot crazes of the 70's but somehow always kept a straight face. The later Star Treks never had the same frisson of excitement. The Next Generation (TNG) seemed way to derivative and I mostly stopped watching before the Borg appeared. My favorite character in that series is Worf but he never achieved the cultural impact of Spock. Star Trek Voyager was even less compelling. I barely count the star base series except for Quark's bar. Finally, came Enterprise which was fine but the hot Vulcan is no Spock. The reboot is pretty good and Quinto is fine. But Nimoy imbued the role with some of his own personality. He took care of the character for 40 years. Spock is now an immortal of fiction almost as much so as Sherlock Holmes or Superman. Nimoy will share in that immortality. But with his passing one of the great pop culture influences of my youth has passed away. Nimoy lived long and prospered, and deserved to.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Churchill is a Stark Not a Lannister

The death of Winston Churchill occurred 50 years ago this month.! William Manchester famously called him "The Last Lion." Others have noted that he is not the "Last" Lion if by that it is meant the great souled men that were the beau ideal of the Ancient World! To give you some idea of where my head is, as I saw all those references to the Last Lion all I could think of was--no way he is House Stark! First, he was constantly broke and other people paid his debts. Second, he was a Romantic Conservative in the line of the Stark's rather than the prosaic Machievels of Lannisterdom. Third, his children had terrible marriages and mostly, deaths. Fourth, he was well aware of the God's of the Copybook Headings which is the British equivalent of Winter is Coming.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Death of a King and Start of a Reign of Terror.

Today marks the anniversary of the judicial murder of Louis XVI on the charge of treason. Wiki gives a nice group of eyewitness accounts here Subsequent to this the guillotine began working assiduously and France was drenched in blood. I am in the camp that believes Louis XVI would have been executed whether he tried to flee France or not. Nonetheless, it is a singular death that opened the floodgates for many more. The Revolution inspired Bolsheviks certainly killed the Tsar and his family in emulation a century and a quarter later. Rivers of blood, vast wars and more than two decades would pass but a Bourbon would again sit the throne of France.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Century of Frank-Many Good Years for Music.

The indefatible Mark Steyn has this wonderful piece on 2015 being the centenry of the birth of one Albert Frances Sinatra, known to Hoboken and the world as "Frank." That a Kingston Trio song was turned into a classic by Frank is new to me. I don't know how Steyn knows all he knows about music and Broadway and still manages to keep up with various Muslim and Leftist outrages but there you are. I only saw Sinatra once in person but even in Winter the guy could sing. Unfortunately, as Steyn relates--that attracted the notice of William Shatner who essayed the song as well. When I was Captain Kirk, it was a very good year. A year of torn shirts And Mini-skirts...

Sunday, January 11, 2015

A House Divided and a Conservative Voice Stilled

Harry Jaffa, West Coast Straussian and founder of Claremont conservatism has died at a ripe old age. I first read him long ago and, in his fights with the neo-Confederates was on his side. But as a greater task he revivified the Conservative Lincoln saving him from the liberal embrace and the Unreconstructed criticism. William F. Buckley famously said of Jaffa, "If you think disagreeing with him is hard, try agreeing with him." The pugnacious Jaffa did not belong in California to my mind. I also just learned that Walter Berns, also in his nineties has also passed on. When I was young, and since, I read them both and they are brilliant Patriots. I think Jaffa wrote "Shakespeare's Politics" with Alan Bloom long ago. I'm going to go find it and remember the both of them. In a time where the ancients are shunted aside for glib commentary like, well, like you find here, it is good to remember that in our time there were still those who could walk comfortably with Aquinas and Aristotle. R.I.P.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Who Knew Rand Paul Had Marsupial Supporters?

I was unable to separate out this video from the three videos recommended by Powerline for Christmas. Therefore, I will just link to that The Kangaroo and the drone which is the third video is priceless.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Good Day For Dictators

It has been a long time since America suffered such terrible defeats as it has today.  Both defeats came at the hands of organizations controlled by the Left that likely don't see them as defeats.  First, Barack Augustus Obama attempts to normalize relations with the Castro dictatorship.  The fracking revolution which he opposed is destroying the power of Venezuela to prop up Castro.  The fall of the Soviet Union had that regime seek other benefactors and he found it in Chavezism.  Now with Venezuela going the way of all socialists the regime desperately needs infusions of cash and Emperor Obama has given it to him. 

On the Isle of the Pines Castro's political enemies are left in privation and gloom.  The old dictator-a celebrity in Hollywood and other Left precincts--has lived long enough to see "El Norte" bow to him.  Barack Obama--who opposed every effective action against Communism in his youth and is basted in the fashionable anti-anti-Communism of his class and kind has waited until after an election, so there is no accountability--to give Castro the win--and to deepen the suffering and despair of the innocents on the Isle of the Pines.  We have heard from the Soviet Union, and the Eastern Europeans and even the Chinese of how those in the prisons of the Reds gain heart even in the deepest dungeon from the slightest word against their captors by the President of the United States.  They lose heart at capitulations.  The Castro brothers--murderers and enemies of any decency in this world rejoice, and the Lady's in White weep.  

He could not wait until Castro died?  What was the rush?  Did the enemy of America need a win that badly?  I was inducted into the Cuban American Society of Georgetown long ago.  To all my friends from that Island I am sorry for this capitulation--in which the U.S. got nothing and the Dictator-everything and say, as was said in Marti's time  "Viva La Cuba Libre!"

Who knows, maybe the President who disdains bourgeoisie Constitutions, opposed all of America's actions in the Cold War, and tried to deliver substandard health care for all by confiscatory tactics really sees Castro as a role model?

Secondly, the Mad Communist King of North Korea has just had a movie pulled from American theatres by threats and hacks.  Sony has completely capitulated to the rantings and a mad man.  But at least here there is a glimmer of hope.  All of the usual suspects of Hollywood are outraged at Sony and the craven theatres. 

When Rob Lowe sounds like me the Times They Are A'Changin.  Not only him but Seth Rogen, Jud Aptow and even the atheist little homonculous Patten Oswald are all on the same page.

The portly little Communist Monster in North Korea now has Newt Gingrich, Michael Moore and Bill Maher on the same page.  Perhaps, like Yamamoto predicted of another sneak attack against the U.S., he has awakened a sleeping Giant.  I hope so, but I fear not. 

UPDATE:  They usually say only Nixon could go to China.  But Barack Obama giving Castro normalized relations for nothing is pretty much Nixon going to San Clemente.

UPDATE:  God Bless the Washington Post!  This is something I do not write a lot but I see they have come out with an editorial that matches this blog post and also note the Vietnam example which I had forgotten to do.  At least Vietnam is a strategic ally against China's expansionism so there is some realpolitik cred to that low dishonest deal.


Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Return of Rutablogging

Long-time readers of this blog know of our seasonal focus on massive root vegetables and the preparation thereof. Here now our photoessay on this year's rutabagas.


Peeled and cubed:

On the boil while our stove transmits coded messages that we will ignore as long as the burners work:

Here we see much of the rutabaga lifecycle, from post-boil draining, to the addition of butter, to finished product:

Kudos as always to Laura, who also delivered a morale-boosting speech at a critical pie-making moment yesterday ("We shall bake them on the beaches...").

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!